WAKE IN DARKNESS by Donald E. McQuinn


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From the author of Targets (1980): a careful, strongly charactered US Intelligence melodrama set in the Philippines. . . that slowly degenerates into standard blood-and-thunder. Roger Munson, 61, US Intelligence ""Control"" in Cebu in the Philippines, wants out--ostensibly to devote himself to his graceful Filipino wife Leonila and his cover operation as a cosmetics maker. Actually, however, Munson has found a way to make a huge killing off the Chinese. Munson, you see, has learned (from Manila agent Draeger) that Arab-funded Muslims in the Philippines--who want their own state--are planning to sabotage a secret China/Vietnam summit in Singapore, via a mass-murder scheme involving Japanese Red Army terrorists. So Munson figures he'll eliminate Draeger and then sell the information on the Red Army plan to the Chinese for big money. Draeger survives Munson's attack, however--which backfires, killing Munson's wife Leonila. And while Munson disappears, Draeger (unaware of who was behind the attack) goes into hiding with beautiful Filipino sculptor Ria. Who's the traitor? So wonders Draeger--and at first his suspicions fall on Agency biggie Kolar. But finally, after bodies start falling left and right, Munson is exposed (during a big shootout in Singapore). . . and Draeger waltzes into the sunset with Kolar's gorgeous assistant Cindy. Moderately absorbing, with an inkling or two of Le CartÉ texture, but the second half thins out disappointingly.

Pub Date: Feb. 3rd, 1981
Publisher: Macmillan