FLIGHT OF THE BAT by Donald Gordon


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The Red rockets' glare sets off a second action-adventure story when four are fired into capital cities by the USSR with a message designed to bring the western world to terms, acknowledging Russia's space supremacy. The Bat is England's only counter-offensive, a low level bomber which may escape radar detection and fly an answer right back into Moscow to even up the situation. Fuelling is a problem since the Bat may get there but not back again, and the crew, pilots Kenneth Oakman and Polhill, are tagged as the inevitable expendables. Christabel Barlow, a researcher on the plane with an outside interest in Oakman, thinks up a way in which the boys may be brought back alive, and there are some exciting scenes aboard a trawler, overhead, and in the bloodied waters of the Gulf of Finland... Lots of turbulence from start to finish.

Pub Date: Jan. 29th, 1963
Publisher: Morrow