MAN OF THE WORLD by Donald Henderson Clarke


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Donald Henderson Clarke, kicking up his heels in the '20's, revives the blowsy, bibulous Prohibition era and his younger carefree to casual career as a reporter for the World. There's a tippling interlude in a Turkish Bath and more than one lost weekend; some brushes with the underworld which blossomed handsomely; contacts with Bowery bums and streetwalkers, crackpots and criminals; non-academic pursuits at Harvard from which he was suspended- and the return to the World from which he was also suspended at intervals; his close friends, Arthur Somers Roche and Gene Fowler; his big stories- and some big names; and finally the decision to commit himself to a sanatarium for a cure and the beneficial therapy of analysis... Random, rakehell reading, this recalls a bygone way of life with fondness and an occasional leer.

Publisher: Vanguard