MURDERER'S HOLIDAY by Donald Henderson Clarke


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As for me, this didn't take, this slapstick spoof on gangsterdom which may recall the manner but not the matter of that classic film play, A Slight Case of Murder. Danny Barrett, idle, idea-filled son of the socially ostracized but wealthy Barretts, decides to write a play about crime, and to get his material at first hand. He gets on the inside with two heads of leading city gangs, and when the town gets too hot for them, they pick the Barretts as a hideout, in the midst of a party for papa Barrett's mayorality campaign. Fighting breaks out between the gangs, six dead and more to go, when Danny shuffles them next door, to the then-current Mayor's, and looks them into the garage for a Kilkenny cat machinegun finish. And Danny cements the families by marrying the Mayor's daughter. Not as hilarious as it might be, but at least he has ducked sex in its more boisterous forms this time.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1940
Publisher: Vanguard