JOE AND JENNIE by Donald Henderson Clarke


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The old goat himself, maybe a little greyer as to beard, luxuriating on a California beach in a fine mixed company of lushes, lechers, beachcombers and just bums. Joe Wade, rich and alcoholic, in his rest cures at the hospital, come under the ministrations of Jennie Wierski, a statuesque blonde of less statuesque intelligence. Appreciative that Jennie cannot be had otherwise, Joe marries her. But finding that his drinking has caught up with his heart, Joe despairs of giving Jennie the child she wants, but accomplishes it by the close. The assorted activities and proclivities, determinedly and undeviatingly physical, of others on this beach keep this going- but at no great pace. The market is obvious- but obviously not for stodgy folks like us.

Publisher: Vanguard