WALK LIKE A MAN by Donald Honig


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From Long Island to Baker Station, Virginia, is 16 year old Jeff Taylor's route to locate the man who is the father of his sister's unborn child -- a man who is his hero and a god to worship. Jeff has seen Capstone neighbors nearly hang Clay, helps Clay escape ja and refuses to believe that his model of a man is suspected of being a Copperhead. When their father discovers Rachel's pregnancy, and is provoked to brutal punishment and contemplated murder, Jeff and his sidekick, Pete, head south to bring back Clay. On the way they escape an innful of traitors, see the Union Army on the march, learn from a tired Captain about the reason and purpose of the volunteers, see a Confederate die. They add young Barbie to their party after they rescue her from vicious Union deserters -- and they find Clay, who sends them home until the next action is over, and their faith is shaken when they get proof that he is truly working for the Confederates. Jeff kills him -- and comes home knowing the evils and corruptions of war but knowing the balance in the vast and mysterious pull that makes other men bigger than they are. With understanding, humor and recision, this tells its story well.

Publisher: Morrow-Sloane