JED MC CLANE and Storm Cloud by Donald Honig

JED MC CLANE and Storm Cloud

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The first of a series--and we want to see more. Jed McLane's a Huck-ster, a mischievous kid with impeccable intentions. Ace troublemaker at Fort National (Montana Terr.), he overhears and understands more than he should although his own energies could try any normal army. Here he's questioning the law with good reason--and humor. An innocent Blackfoot is jailed for murder; Jed knows that Storm Cloud is no killer and friend Phil knows that the ""victim"" is hiding out in the hills--another accused innocent, one Sam Duffy. All this in Jed's own dialect is enormously amusing and it puts the serious musings and not-soserious activities of a young boy into relief. With two innocent murderers on his hands and a reputation to overcome, he stages a rescue in which Marvelous Maurice the travelling magician ""resurrects"" Duffy from the dead long enough for him to affirm Storm Cloud's innocence. Then it's a matter of time and timing: Storm Cloud is released and Duffy's absolved when the guilty man confesses. Plain-spoken wit and wisdom, short and fast for the book-shy.

Pub Date: July 29th, 1968
Publisher: McGraw-Hill