NO SONG TO SING by Donald Honig


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Nineteen year old Chester Fune writes from jail of the events that brought him that I more than a mill disturbance in his home town Capstone, in the borough of Queens, . Y. Fired from his job in a steel factory he persuades Cynthia to promises he'll have money to do it in style. His attempt at rob his fear he has killed a man, send him on a night's wandering which brings him company of an ex-bail player, Hydra Spatch a painter who is very willing to help, a primary , a drinking the blackmailing ministrations of Brother Spackle, another pleasures hunt and the kidnaping of a horse who provides a definitely Mack Sennett final. ""Betrayed and unbuttoned by honorable impulses"" Fune's escapades (and sexcapades) and his night of revoll is lavishly filled with facile phrases, which do not however keep this at peak humor all the way. Derives? De Vries!

Pub Date: Feb. 8th, 1961
Publisher: Morrow-Sloane