ILLUSIONS by Donald Honig


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Illusions, written more quietly than The Severith Style (1972) if at far greater length than seems justified by any reader waiting for something to happen (it does at the end), alternately trails the members of the Dublin family during the period when the old man is dying and may leave some cash to his granddaughter. He hasn't much truck with his two sons and daughter and it's not hard to see why: Paul is not himself since his wife died (and worse off after his sister seduces him); that sister Janine is sexually insatiable; and Frank, after drifting in and out of the Halcyon Tabernacle, becomes involved in the urban underground revolution until the Movement, like the book, runs out of momentum (except for the last minute disasters to each and all). Even sadder to say, any illusion is hard to project under the prosaic circumstances.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1974
Publisher: Doubleday