U-BOAT KILLER by Donald Macintyre


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Captain Macintyre (DSO and two bars, DSC, RN) writes a first hand account of the ""hunt for, the stalking of and the finally killing of a U-boat"" which, to him, is the ""perfect expression of a fighting sailor's art"" with a minimum of dramatics and a maximum of modesty. His Navy career, which included a tour in the RAF, builds up to his command of the Kingfisher, an experimental anti-sub class ship and the then effective equipment that started them off in the War. Asdic and depth charges were the means of holding off the Germans in the early days of patrols and escort; radar and other improved devices and alliance with the air force were the assists which helped to rid the Atlantic lanes of the wolf packs. His ships, the Bickerton, a tin can, the Hesperus, an aristocrat, and the Walker, an old warhorse, and his men are very much a part of his story of life with the convoys, of the evasive and attacking tactics developed against the submarines, of changing phases of the war at sea. His days abroad, when he was stationed at the new base Argentina in Newfoundland, helped to take off the pressure and the improvement in methods of protecting the convoys and in finding their prey made the Atlantic crossing safe. Good yarns and intimate knowledge make this a first ranker in its field.

ISBN: 0548440107
Publisher: Norton