FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT: A Memorial by Donald Porter -- ed. by Geddes
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No one who listened, hours on end, during the forty eight hours that followed the death of President Roosevelt failed to feel the solemnity, the challenge of the experience. To all those listeners -- to those who were unable to listen -- the publication of this book within nine days of the fateful April 12th will be a welcome achievement. The following -- listing of The Table of Contents is sufficient indication of the scope of the material. THE NEWS CAME BY AIR: Radio comment and public reaction; THE PRINTED WORD FOLLOWED; Editorials and columns; A PRESIDENT IS BURIED: A brief Biography and President Truman's proclamation of mourning; HIS WORDS LIVE ON: Excerpts from President Roosevelt's speeches and writings; HE ENTERS INTO HISTORY: An appraisal of the twelve years; GARLANDED WITH VERSE: ""We remember F.D.R...."" (selections made by William Rose Benet, and including a radio drama written by Carl Carmer entitled APRIL 14th, 1945); ""LET US MOVE FORWARD..."" The undelivered address --his last message. This little book is indeed a record of devotion to freedom that made him great.

Publisher: Pocket Books