TOM by Donald Prince


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For me this completely missed fire. It seems to be a rather raucous lechery-fantasy combination in the Tiffany Thayer manner. Tom, because of his misdeeds in the human life, is reincarnated as a tom cat. To redeem himself Tom, confers his virility upon his reluctant owner, a worn, middle-aged underwear manufacturer who loathes him, in exchange for his spirit (a variation on the Faust-Mephistopheles theme). From that time on it is a loud, lustful tale of adventure and misadventure, with the dignified Crighton pursued by every female. Finally, after many fiascos, Tom loses his power of speech and Saxon finds peace in the arms of one woman. I found it vulgar and was not amused!

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1940
Publisher: Messner