WARM BODIES by Donald R. Morris


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Life aboard a Navy LST in the unauthorized record of its Executive Officer charts no particular course but offers a fairly funny account of its officers and crew, of the depth of the chasm which separates the boys from the married men, of the festivities, the food, and the ordeal of the overhaul in the shipyard where the Warm Bodies come into their own (""A Warm Body is man with at least one arm and two fingers who can pick up something when he is told to.""). Somewhere, about midway, the Exec runs aground as he falls in love with Sally from Little Hominy, North Carolina, carries on his courtship via Greenland, and returns home to wed her in a solid confusion of deep Southern customs and conventions..... Keeping clear of the wardroom, this is a pleasant piece of nonsense for the man around your house.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1957
Publisher: Simon & Schuster