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The extenuating, and frequently exonerating, circumstances behind the case which ends in the criminal courts, this is a probation officer's report on some 27 offenders before they faced conviction. There's Adam Kele's compulsive murder of his young wife, and Charles Johnson's protective shooting of a bookie; Dr. Maximilian who aborted women for profit- while Dr. Dalton committed only one abortion out of pity; two criminal psychopaths- the promiscuous Mildred Palister and the cadging petty thief Fred Higgs; sex offenders, among them the gentle Chinese Chun who sheltered an unhappy, unwanted girl; Bobby Coons, a youngster, who took some fifty adults for $200,000 and now faces a debt to society he can never pay off; narcotic addicts- Scott, a pusher, and Steve, a rich man's son who ended up dead in Spanish Harlem- a ""cat who really shot it up"". These and others not only have their drama of way- ward violence, but also illustrate the contributory pattern of character and circumstance and environment for which a prison sentence cannot be the corrective. Holding.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1954
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace