THE SCANDINAVIANS by Donald S. Connery


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This book was overdue. In spite of a bibliography listing some forty titles dealing with Scandinavian countries, it is safe to assume that most of the American reading public still goes back to Marquis Childs' Sweden The Middle Way, first published in 1948, revised in 1960. At the time it was both representative and prophetic, but much has happened since then, notably a second World War. And while Childs writes specifically about Sweden, Connery, an astute and conscientious reporter, deals with all four countries, differentiating them in development and personality. He is less successful with the latter aspect. This is very comprehensive coverage about the characteristics of the countries, their growth, their political and social features, their idiosyncrasies, their relationships to the world economy. Most valuable of all is his portrait of the welfare state in action. This should allay many fears while posing some issues. A book which all travelers heading for the Scandinavian countries should study, along with theorists in economics and government. It is journalistic in style and very well done.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster