THE COMMITTEE by Donald Seaman


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The Committee is yet another Marxist terrorist gang (not very believable, no matter how headline-timely), this one threatening nuclear violence: they've obtained 30 curies of strontium-90, enough to kill over a million Englishmen. To prove they mean business, the Committee's mercenaries, supervised by a mad scientist, loose some of the stuff on the inmates of a prison for the criminally insane--and the Prime Minister is impressed enough to accede to the Committee's demand for 50 million quid in gold. As the bullion is jetted to its hiding place in Central America, bickering breaks out among the guerrillas--so everyone who isn't killed in England converges on the path to the Temple of the Iguana, where the head of the Committee has his head shrunk by a kakaram, a Committee moil is raped while tribal drums drum, and the government recovers its gelt. All this is delivered with a straight British face and shmears of technical detail, neither of which makes it seem any less idiotic.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Atheneum