GERTRUDE STEIN: A Biography of Her Works by Donald Sutherland

GERTRUDE STEIN: A Biography of Her Works

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An intensive and intense critical study of the works of the late Miss Stein, which in its one-to-one correspondence with the subject, the author's devotion and dedication is probably the most accurate expression of Miss Stein's theories about life and art we shall find. It is true, however, that the casual reader who has never penetrated beyond gay contemplations of pigeons, roses and the seating arrangements of Saint Terena, may be haffied by the lack of comparative reference to the works of her contemporaries, her disciples and followers, as well as to other critical appraisals of Miss Stein, but the author has, through constant reference to selections from her novels, plays, essays and poems, presented fully the experimentalist's concern with the integrity of the immediate perception, and in her art that ""prolongation of the present"" which resulted in a shocking, exhilarating rearrangement of syntax and newness of subject. A must for students and devotees, but very special.

Publisher: Yale University Press