PERILS OF PEACE: Conversion to What? by Donald W. Cox

PERILS OF PEACE: Conversion to What?

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Despite some snappy chapter titles and an open appeal to the broadest possible audience, Mr. Cox's book is no mere popularization of admonitions, criticism and advice about how not necessarily to disarm, but to stop over-arming, when so great a part of our economy is dependent upon the defense budget. Several other knowledgeable writers have dealt with this subject since the Test Ban, but none have covered so many aspects within one volume, or discussed so many particular points. Mr. Cox deals in detail with the political background, goes step-by-step through his prospectus of a ""Pentagon for Peace."" He lists many problems which various portions of the defense establishment could be converted to handle--an area where others have been noticeably silent. Granted, only a beginning is made here, and with the way the Cold War winds are blowing, the prospect of putting its suggestions into motion might appear remote; still, this deserves attention.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1965
Publisher: Chilton