THE SPACE RACE: From Sputnik to Apollo...and Beyond by Donald W. Cox
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THE SPACE RACE: From Sputnik to Apollo...and Beyond

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With a helpful foreword by Senator Fulbright, this fact-jammed yet narrative-conscious book takes off into the space age and many of the headaches it has involved. With a minimum of platitudes, Eudos and Cape Canaveral anecdotes, he covers the space- and sub space flights which have captured the attention of the whole world in recent years, of Gagarin, Titov, Shepard, Grissom, Glenn and of the prior sputniks and ballistic missiles which shocked America into realizing her inferior space situation in 1957. Seeing ""few reasons for pride and more for sorrow"", he exposes the cult of complacency, the bungling, rivalry and downright chicanery which has characterized our space program in past years. We see Eisenhower under pressure from many sources to produce different kinds of space policies. We see the space element creep into the 1960 elections, followed by the Astronaut program and general speed-up. The possibilities for the future get equally intensive and extensive treatment: Dyna-Soar; man to the moon or Mars; military uses of satellites; space exploration; even space foreign policy. This book will offend some, but it certainly succeeds in disabusing the reader while stimulating his interest in the entire space field which it opens up for investigation.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1962
Publisher: Chilton