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A TESTAMENT OF TURNING by Donet Meynell Roelofs



Publisher: Morehouse-Barlow

There is nothing quite like the perceptive and forthright telling of one's own spiritual pilgrimage and travail to move the hearts and even to help to change the lives of others. Mrs. Roelofs, in A Testament of Turning has put all seekers for God in her debt by her real-life account of her own search for God. It is a spiritual odyssey in the form of a series of letters to relatives and friends, each of whom call forth from her the description of some phase of her spiritual growth and awakening appropriate to that person's relationship to her life. She goes from skepticism, through psychotherapy to religious convictions, and she becomes the spokesman of many who are walking this same way, who may unconsciously face with her the grim realities of life, as well as its joys, and find sure help in resolving many of the doubts and conflicts of their common life. The writing is simple, but moving, and many women, and men as well, will find here both guidance and illumination.