THE RULES OF THE GAME by Donia Whiteley Mills


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Maybe it's no coincidence that Cynthia Young comes across as a birdbrain since Johnny Warren keeps calling her ""oiseau""; she's over eighteen though, a freshman at Fuller (Carolina) College, and groping or not she should be a little less like a squirrel chasing its own tail. As the only ""artsy-craftsy"" girl in the dorm she finds it lonely to discover that the fraternity scene is a drag--ditto pledge-president Ted, ditto designing the winning Homecoming float--yet awfully intimidating to penetrate the underground scene as cARToon editor of the literati's Lantern which is Johnny Warren's baby. So begins her ""relationship"" with the romantic chief nemesis of the administration, filling most of the book and ending sadly and torridly in a car accident when Cindy refuses to weekend with Johnny at a certain cabin in the woods. She can't seem to get him out of her mind, but gradually the catharsis wakes her up to the something real outside the games, inside herself. Though there's little reason to do so, one hopes that come sophomore year Cindy will stop tweeting ""I don't knows"" and ""That's nices,"" because it really isn't, very.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1969
Publisher: Viking