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by Donna Kauffman

Pub Date: June 3rd, 2003
ISBN: 0-553-38222-5
Publisher: Bantam

Been-there, done-that babe falls for Mr. Nice Guy, in a first from romancer Kauffman.

Tanzy Harrington prefers supersexy, totally irresponsible men, and she’s bedded plenty of them. Good old dependable dudes who have Husband Material stamped on them just don’t do it for her, and she’s not afraid to let the readers of her Bay Area online romance column know she’s the Last Bridesmaid and proud of it (pages of breezy chat with her fans and friends make the point ever so clear). In her wonderful world are two kinds of men: Sheep and Wolves. Fortunately, she seems to have an unbreakable heart, though she herself has broken a few, and nothing has ever gone wrong in her little moral universe. Marriage is fine for the other Sheep but baaaaaaaaaaad for her (quite a few ovine sound effects punctuate this narrative, interspersed with greeting-card wisdom from snappy-talking Tanzy). But her aristocratic Aunt Millicent, a silver-haired Vassar graduate who never lets anyone forget it, thinks that Tanzy needs something more in her consequence-free life. Tanzy thinks Millicent’s latest choice is definitely a Sheep—or is security expert Riley Parrish really a Wolf? When an anonymous fan begins to harass Tanzy, Riley steps in, though she doesn’t know that Millicent paid him to protect her. He’s happy to accompany sexy Tanzy to San Francisco soirees, even get up close and personal in the back of a limo if the job calls for it, but he’s much too cool to get wrapped around her pretty little finger. She can’t figure out why she’s so attracted to him, since he definitely isn’t her type—is he? The subplot moves glacially toward various suspects: Could it be the creepy middle-aged geek? The frumpy blond lesbian with a secret crush? Maybe it’s a creepy middle-aged geek masquerading as an obsessed lesbian! Or . . . .

A wisp of a story deftly spun to novel length—with a zippy style to keep it going.