A COMFORT OF CATS by Doreen Tovey


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In a follow-up to The Coming of Saska (1977) and earlier English-countryside chronicles, the ""ladylike"" Shebalu--a Siamese, naturally--teaches her superstitious, sherry-nipping, sidekick Sass everything she knows about mischief. But when Sass gets carried away with stealing and chewing up pens, pencils, and paintbrushes, he is soon threatened, by Tovey, with a one-way ticket to Siam. Tovey and husband Charles decide that caravanning about England with the cats (and Annabel the donkey, if Charles had his way) would be just the ticket. A backyard trial run proves otherwise. Zany cats and a tiny trailer just don't mix, they find, so they learn to travel cat-less. And when a cocky field mouse discovers Charles' stash of cob nuts behind the refrigerator and takes up residence there, the Toveys dub him Lancelot, and add him to the family. During the shooting season the scrawniest of pheasants seeks refuge in the yard, and there's a humorous note of parental pride when the bird, Phyllis, brings home a very handsome husband, Phillip. Conversations with the snoopiest and most gossipy (but well intentioned) villagers lend a fitting dab of English local color to the book. With lovely illustrations, sure to please those for whom a home isn't a home without some four-legged creatures underfoot.

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 1980
Publisher: St. Martin's