THE GIRL WHO HAD EVERYTHING: The Story of the Fire & Ice Girl by Dorian with Laura Hobe Leigh

THE GIRL WHO HAD EVERYTHING: The Story of the Fire & Ice Girl

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The reckless life of the first (1950s) ""Revlon girl""--until remorse caught up with her and made her a ""born-again Christian"" in 1972. En passant (and we do mean in passing), Leigh records marriage proposals and/or propositions from J. Paul Getty, Sam Spiegel, Charles Revson, et al. But for the most part, the super-sheltered girl from a devout Christian home in Metuchen, N.J.--who entered college and her first marriage equally casually at age 15--spurned rich men; she only seemed to fall in love with penniless heels and duds. As she hopped from bed to bed, pregnancy to pregnancy, all over Europe and America, abortion became her chief form of contraception. With five unhappy children, one of whom committed suicide, and a succession of careers (including a Paris modeling agency) that faltered and left her scrambling for small change, she returned to the parental fold and embraced Christianity with hopes of God's forgiveness. Leigh's haphazard disregard of consequences--she kept marrying men to serve as a father to her children, only to find them insensitive or cruel to kids--is enough to make the reader screech; but her account of a life spiraling out of control is fast-paced, her conversion is underplayed, and the glamour of it all does make for seductive reading.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1979
Publisher: Doubleday