LEAVING THE NEST: Mom's Guide to Living on Your Own by Dorinne & Richard Armstrong Armstrong

LEAVING THE NEST: Mom's Guide to Living on Your Own

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We've had home repair manuals, sex manuals, computer manuals, etc. Enter now the Yussie's (Young Urban Single's) guide to making it on your own. The Armstrongs, tapping the modern trend towards life by the organizer book, have written a guide for the brave new world where working mothers don't have time to pass on their domestic mysteries to their offspring. Now, these offspring only have to flip through the pages of Leaving the Nest to make sure their lives turn out okay. Want to rent an apartment? Just line them up on the Apartment Comparison Chart and make the pick with the highest rating. Want to furnish it? Adopt their Soviet style five-year plan and buy your two pieces per year according to your budget (what happens when children arrive unplanned, the authors don't say, but then there's not much room for anything unplanned here). Want to cook? Just go to the right day of the month in the Armstrong's guide and duplicate their recipe for that day. Had enough? Small wonder. What a bore!

Pub Date: May 1st, 1986
Publisher: Morrow