MY BROTHER MIKE by Doris Gates


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New angle boy-dog story, as a shy, farmed-out boy lives unhappily with the bullying Fullers, and finds escape only with his terrier, Lucky, and the chance met stranger of the quarry. This meeting holds promise of new interests, but when a card comes from the tramp, a quarrel with the Fullers is precipitated, and Billy, with his dog hops a freight and head west. Difficulties multiply. Billy falls into the hands of the police. But the notoriety and a news story and picture bring the tramp to the rescue, and he reveals himself as the boy's father, returned from the war and a term in jail. Happy reunion and two people who need each other are brought together. The Wesley Dennis pictures are of uneven value; he's better at dogs than people.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1948
Publisher: Viking