SUE IN TIBET by Doris Shelton Still
Kirkus Star


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Almost all of this story is based on the author's own childhood experiences which accounts for the vigor of its action and its excellent portrayal of that strange and fascinating country of Tibet. Sue's father is an American doctor who leaves China to go in to help the people of the Blue Mountains, though they have a horror of all foreigners and imagine that they have tails. The family take the very long and arduous trip in, accompanied by their gental and loyal Chinese cook and Sue's strangely companionable hen, Annie. On this Journey Sue learns that mountain turnips can quench thirst but that when you take one you replace it with a seed. The helpful and friendly attitude of the Americans wins the admiration and trust of the Tibetan population. The threatened war with the Chinese is averted by Sue herself when she has to take her father's place as peace envoy. The illustrations by William Arthur Smith will give our children a clearer idea of this little known section of the world.

Publisher: John Day