THE PRICE OF BLOOD by Doris Sutcliffe Adams


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It is the time of the Danish forays on England, and Niall Southfarer, a Dane and a Christian, is shipwrecked off Wessex while on the way as merchant to Spain. His religion saves him from English wrath, and after seeing what his kinsmen have accomplished in the way of pillage, murder and rapine, he sets himself against them on the side of Odda. He changes hands a number of times in a rally of captures and escapes, is finally rescued with English Judith by Odda and after showing mercy to the now cornered Danes makes his fealty to Alfred of Wessex...... Not really much more than a Norse western, with 9th century accessories, bloodeagles, wergild, holmgang, minimal.

Pub Date: July 29th, 1966
Publisher: Scribners