THE BIG KITE CONTEST by Dorotha Ruthstrom


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Most of this looks like a demonstration of how persistence and enterprise win Stephen a new kite when his old one breaks the day before the big contest. Trying to parlay 10¢ into the $2.00 he needs for the kite, Stephen buys lemonade mix for a dime and earns 50¢ selling lemonade. He buys soap with his 50¢ and earns a dollar washing hikes. This goes on until he blows $1.50 on glue and fails as a toy mender. But Stephen's little sister, who's been taunting him all along, comes up with the winning idea: She fixes Stephen's kite with the glue and together they win the contest. The situation is standard, the telling undistinguished, and the black-and-white pictures are routine Hobart. The ending is a definite plus, which, at least might qualify the entry.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1980
Publisher: Pantheon