"MEREDITH, THE WITCH WHO WASN'T" by Dorothea Lachner


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Meredith ia a witch, but she avoids the usual witchy trappings and doesn't really like magic, so her spells suffer. When the head witch, Melusina Firebird, decertifies Meredith, the hapless witch knows she ought to be sad, but she's not--she's too busy with all of the things she can do with her time now that she doesn't have to study spells. ""The only magic she used was a kiss on her thumb when she accidentally hit it with the hammer."" When Melusina drops in for a visit, tasting the cake Meredith made from scratch and relaxing in the handmade tree house, she is so impressed she recertifies a protesting Meredith."" 'Spells, bells,' Melusina Firebird scoffed. 'Your magic is more powerful than mere enchantments.' ""It's a point delivered with a light touch, ably crafted and colored in Unzner's exuberant paintings.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1997
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: North-South