TO THE CASTLE by Dorothea Malm


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A pleasantly demure neo-Gothic romance takes 21, from London to the French Chateau de Ferroncalles- the home of a Duke presumed to be her father as the result of a very youthful (16) indiscretion. The Duke, Mathieu, is at first most unapproachable; the castle, for all its absurd grandeur, sombre; and the cupboards open on one skeleton after another as well as the mad Cousin Barnabe, who is locked up, and another cousin M. d'Ayz whose hatred of Mathieu is apparent. As the weeks peas, bel learns that she is not the Duke's daughter- but that of M. d'Ayz, whom she displace; other family tragedies are revealed- and there is further violence to speed her departure which will bring the Duke to her- not as a father but as a suitor.... For the ladies, a faint reminder of Rebecca which the alien atmosphere of the castle will assist.

Pub Date: May 24th, 1957
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofte