THE THRESHOLD by Dorothea Rutherford


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A candlelight performance accompanies the story of little Liesbeth and all the things that happen in her young life. This is a view from the nursery, and a stone which is frowned on, the measles in which Uncle Doctor effects relief, the doll Sidney, hoarded gingerbread, the cake, flower and candy shops, and the figure at the top of the Town Hall -- Little Thomas --all are part of Liesbeth's opening eyes and widening understanding. There's the stay at Grandmamma's when her younger sister Irmgard is sick; the hard to understand happenings when Irmi becomes an angel after scarlet fever; a silver wedding anniversary of an aunt and uncle in which Liesbeth is only -- and a very cross -- half an angel -- snow which brings disobedience; a Christmas bazaar; trips to the dentist; a hidden patch of violets and summer in the country and a new baby sister.... These are the insignificantly monstrous things that affect the thumbsucking, easily shriveled inarticulate of an earlier day -- in Germany, and as such weave a web which must be taken pretty much on faith. A specific for a specialized reader group.

Publisher: Little, Brown