SOLD TO THE LADIES! by Dorothy A. Bennett
Kirkus Star


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This is a new solution -- it's not ""a house in the country"" nor ""a house for the week ends"" -- but a house afloat and a new mode of living. Three gals succumb to an ad of a barge auction; their imaginations get to work and they shortly find themselves less $160.00 and owners of a ""dark sea horse"". They acquaint themselves with the problems of reconditioning the hulk, they fix up the Barnacle with the aid of old friends and new for the waterfront comes to their aid. Comes Spring, and they are inspired to get themselves towed to a good swimming place, and the Sands Point Yacht Club finds itself host to an unsightly tenant. Refreshing reading of original householding, that shares with the reader the pleasure and enthusiasm of the undertaking. The amateurish navigators will distress the seagoing audience, but the rest of us will have fun over it.

Pub Date: May 21st, 1940
Publisher: George W. Stewart