DAISY A Farm Fable by Dorothy and Nils Hogner

DAISY A Farm Fable

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Daisy, a playful filly who lived down on the farm, hoped to be beautiful and dainty when she grew up. She didn't realize that she came from a long line of work horses so she was very hurt when she was entered in a load pulling contest at the fair. When she won she decided it was better to be able to do useful work and be honored rather than to be only useless although admired. For all the moral here, young readers will probably be more interested in Daisy's friendship with the little gray upside down bird who taunted her through her filly days and who made up a little song of praise for her at the end. The illustrations lack vitality and strength of line, but a horse is a horse and many children will no doubt enjoy the story very much. The yellow and brown illustrated jacket wont help it to stand out among gaudier books come Christmas, but good sales might result among the easy reading books.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1949
Publisher: Oxford