THE BIG BARBECUE by Dorothy B. Hughes


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From an exclusive position in the field of the suspense story, this takes a turn toward lighter, brighter things and marks a rather ingenuous incursion into casual comedy with the story of Ariadne Pontius. Ariadne, eighteen, lovely to look at and bone lazy, sees the nearer success of a long-term plan to marry a million as she manoeuvers her parents to New Mexico where (via Fortune magazine) Justinian Hrobel, who sets the highest dollar standard in the country, is said to summer. If Ariadne's attempts to see the hibernating Hrobel are frustrated, she passes time otherwise with Buffoon, cover girl artist, for whom she models; with Simon Periwinkle, atom bomb scientist; and with Waddie Buffoon, whose offhand treatment of her is at first irritating, eventually ingratiating. And it is only when she realizes that she has fallen in love- and with Waddie, that her discovery by Hrobel takes place- and is passed up... The relaxed, romantic touch makes this engaging.

Publisher: Random House