THE GOLDEN ALMANAC by Dorothy Bennett
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A dream almanac, this, with stories and verses and old wives' tales, material old and new, original (written for the almanac by Dorothy Bennett) and selected from other sources. A lush book, pictures by Masha, 96 illustrations is all, and 40 of them in full color -- gay, humorous, fanciful, and yet accurate enough in detail to satisfy the child who wants his pictures to fit his story. Every month in the year presented from various angles, so that -- tucked into the entertainment -- there is good sound information.....But the reason for presenting this book, here and now, is to introduce the new Giant Golden Books, answer to the merchandiser's prayer -- after the war-and now just a bit more than a gleam in the eye, for the publishers plan to issue just this one, probably in April, as a taste of what will come in the Fall. They will have to cut orders to the bone, but everyone who has established a market for the small Golden Books will have a reasonably fair percentage of his order, the exigencies and eccentricities of manufacturing books in wartime permitting.....There are four more planned (I saw the dummies and could tell you lots about them) for Fall. Georges Duplaix is supervising the production -- and they'll be tops for value, dollar for dollar.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1944
Publisher: Simon & Schuster