SHE WORE A STAR by Dorothy Bonnell


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In 1946, when Amy Bennett, a nineteen year old Quaker girl arrives in India to spend a year with the Friends Service Unit, she is rudely awakened from her do-gooder pipe dreams. Graham, an appealing realist from North Carolina, forces her to realize that she will probably never understand Indian customs and ways, but must learn to accept them. When the author describes the Indian-English-American relations, she is fairly realistic. However the portrayal of strife is nearly lost in the author's unfortunate preoccupation with Amy's love life. There's Graham and there's Groff, an English chap, and they're both mad for Amy, who doesn't seem to have any competition nearby. Amy picks the American, and after a rousing cheer for India, turns patriotic eyes towards the U.S. where she knows she will serve her fellowmen because of her own valuable experience.

Publisher: Messner