VERMONT TRADITION: The Biography of an Outlook Life by Dorothy Canfield Fisher

VERMONT TRADITION: The Biography of an Outlook Life

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It is certainly not news to the readers of Dorothy Canfield Fisher's novels that she believes Vermont to be a small chip of heaven where the only true Americanism still survives. But here she has documented her affection for this state in a sort of individualistic, almost persnickety sort of history. Her material is interesting, and she has written entertainingly of the struggle of early freeholders against the tenant farm system of the Province of New York. It was in this inter-colonial struggle that Ethan Allen won his spurs. She has also written well of the various early industries of Vermont; potash; the raising of merinos, the breeding of Morgan horses. And her main theme is that independent land holding, the town meeting system and free schooling gave Vermont its sturdy character, its simplicity, sobriety and integrity. (She does however neglect to mention that other New England states-Maine, New Hampshire, etc. may also have these virtues.) An enthusiastic old lady, clucking over her favorite chick, in a way which natives and visitors will be sure to enjoy.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1953
Publisher: Little, Brown