OUR YOUNG FOLKS by Dorothy Canfield Fisher


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A popular adviser in the field of education discusses here the problem of youth, an it was before the war -- as it will be after the war, the waste of all the younger generation which is unable to afford the highly specialized training of the industrial world today, the problem of displacement by machines, and the result in forcing adults to provide better education and training for the young. High Schools must be enlarged; work experience, such as afforded by the Youth Administration and the C.C.C., should be extended: the urgent necessity for vocational schooling must be recognized. Girls and women -- and their function in the field of business where they deserve equal rights and for which they should be given specialized training. A plea for mothers and wives to have the right to work. Suggestions for better use of leisure, for promotion of group activities for the young, for creative use of freedom. Sound commonsense, but not particularly fresh either in content or presentation. Not concrete enough to give the lift that is needed by the conventional audience for which she writes. Her name will give this book more emphasis than its material really warrants.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1943
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace