THE TRAVELLER'S EYE by Dorothy Carrington


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A light outline of pertinent comment links together contemporary quotations that speak for their age, in an historical survey of the Briton as tourist from Tudor times to present day. This travel picture points up the contrasts in the worlds seen, and the changes in the travellers' attitudes. From the time of fabulous monsters, miraculous happenings, to the dwindling of marvels as knowledge of the world grew and English taste was formed, to sophistication, self assurance and criticism, then romanticism, science, and social approach- these eyewitness accounts reflect the changing centuries. The author's bridging remarks underscore how the British looked at the world- and how they acted in it- and display a deep understanding of her subject. Some 33 plates of period reproductions give this a distinctive touch and the whole is well arranged, unusual historical material.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1947
Publisher: Pilot Press