THE NUNNERY by Dorothy Charques


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Set against a background of Henry VIII having seized the English convents and monastories, this is the story of orphaned Jane Ingham and her struggle against the decadent convent authorities. Jane, the ward of Cecilia Wayte, Lady Prioress of Cokehill Priory, strongly doubts that hers is a religious vocation and ardently wishes to take her place beside John Acock, a favorite of the self-banished Queen Anne. The nuns, who are for more interested in her fortune than her soul, menace and torment her until Thomas Cromwell's new order frees the girl for the life to which she really is suited. Mrs. Charques' reliable ability to bring history to life in an entertaining blend of fact and fancy once again asserts itself in this superior historical novel.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1960
Publisher: Coward-McCann