THE ANIMAL BOOK: American Mammals North of Mexico by Dorothy Childs and Nils Hogner
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THE ANIMAL BOOK: American Mammals North of Mexico

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A handbook for all the animals (about 170) of North America north of Mexico, from field mouse to whale, with over a hundred black and white drawings, both accurate and charming, by the authors. The arrangement is the natural one -- the eleven chapters covering the eleven orders, with divisions into sub-order, family, genus. Common names are given, as well as the scientific with their derivations, and the thorough and interesting descriptions are careful to show the part the animals play in the economy of American life today. Useful appendices, complete index. A splendid book, useful to camps, schools, libraries, scout groups, and enjoyable pick up reading as well. Extends into next age group and beyond.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1942
Publisher: Oxford