TAKE MY HANDS by Dorothy Clarke Wilson


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Again the little Vellore Christian Medical College in India affords an inspirational story of great personal courage and devoted service to mankind as the biographer of Dr. Ida Scudder, founder of Vellore, tells the moving story of Dr. Mary Verghese. She was a skilled surgeon in the treatment of leprosy, pioneered in new methods of rehabilitating the handicapped in India, and the fact that she was herself a paraplegic did not impede her professional career. Her story is told from her plantation childhood on, through her training and her final choice to serve the poor after her first close contact with disease and starvation and poverty. At the time that she swerved from obstetrics and gynecology to the surgical treatment of leprosy which particularly fascinated her, she experienced the dreadful accident which paralyzed her below the waist. The rest of the story is concerned with her painful progress through three difficult operations, her burning desire to return to work, her return to surgery, her trip to America in 1961 where under the supervision of Dr. Rusk she became ""her own first patient"", and her determination to inaugurate similar rehabilitation programs in India. Although the presentation may be oversimple, Dr. Mary's story will attract a great deal of attention and rightly so.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1963
Publisher: McGraw-Hill