THE GIFTS by Dorothy Clarke Wilson


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Almost the first book from Dorothy Clarke Wilson to reach a wide public was The Brother, a story of Jesus' childhood and of the half-brother and his struggle to accept the evidence his reason rejected... Now comes this story of Jesus himself -- and of the gifts of the magi and the use to which he put them. Only when the last of them was gone did he face the fact that he could not achieve life for others by giving them his gifts; he had to give himself. The steps by which he reached this understanding are traced in a credible story of his place in the censorious, self-centered community that was Nazareth. Of how he continually found the conviction that he must do this or that or the other for his fellowmen- particularly those rejected of others- came into conflict with his filial duties, his customary obedience, his acceptance of the rituals of his faith. There was the time when he roused resentment and suspicion by challenging the elders of the synagogue; the time when he failed to go with his parents on their departure from Jerusalem; the various occasions when he befriended the rejected- the outcast Simon and his hunchedback son; the secretive Deborah and her blind boy; the scarlet woman Mulcah and her small Daniel; the farmer Jonathan and Lilah, who yearned for beauty. It is a moving story- and one senses that so it might have been.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1957
Publisher: McGraw-Hill