THE OLD PONY by Dorothy Clewes


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Rory and Kay, two English children, wait eagerly for the milkman every morning. It is their chance to see his pony and feed it whatever delicacy they have been able to coax from their mothers. When the children get the notion that the pony is about to be scuttled, they steal her and do a moderately good job of caring for her in a little hut they have taken for a hiding place. But when the pony has a foal, it is discovered that neither is she old nor about to be disposed of. The pony is destined for a pleasant career in a riding school, and Rory and Kay are given charge of her foal as well as the privilege of keeping her in proper quarters. Told tenderly and buttressed with such sensible notions as that a pony's well being depends on more than a warm nuzzle and an occasional sweet.

Pub Date: Feb. 4th, 1959
Publisher: Coward-McCann