THE SILENT REEFS by Dorothy Cottrell
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There's almost a small touch of magic in this adventure-romance in which two innocents, members of The Followers who adhere to peace, from Home Island seek the truth of what unknown befell the Christophe, the island's ship and almost only means of support. Henri and Joseph, home from a two years working voyage, find the island bankrupt and its 31 inhabitants almost beggared because insurance cannot be paid since there is no trace of the ship and they determine to follow the cold trail for a satisfactory solution. The giant Negro, Tobias, tells of strange footsteps and sets out in another direction to get some word of vanished sponge fishers; Henri and Joseph find abandoned sponges at the Purple Reefs and, in the new little boat, Sea Lily (or Sea Silly as their aunt names her) head for Florida and the stories of Webber and Ashby, owner and master respectively of the Webber, another boat wrecked about the same time. And in Florida, there is Ashby's deserted wife, Webber's niece, Rue, and the threats of the dangerous Herreras but Henri and Joseph and their wonderful goodness manage their step by step unravelling of the events, ending with the whole fraud exposed and evil justly punished. The Caribbean in all its tropic color, the isolation and other world life of the islanders, the stilted speech, the gentleness- all are qualities to make a reader feel ""stranged"" by this tale of the sea. A personal enthusiasm will widen its audience.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1953
Publisher: Morrow