THE SPEAR PENNY by Dorothy Davis Willette


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With the lilting, ""upside down"" Welsh phraseology the story of whiplash-temper Megan, long-enduring Rhys, and firm purposed Dilys, is told in sober narrative. From the Principality (Wales) to America come the three, bound by Megan's vicious pride on the night of her wedding to Rhys, which resulted in the accidental death of the father of Dilys' unborn child. There they head for Ohio to try their luck at farming. Megan after the birth of her own daughter, runs away to the stage and with her manager, Early O'Rourk attains a passing fame Dilys and Rhys tame the land, fight fire and the shame of Megan' desertion, and find a deep love for each other. Megan's popularity gone through her vil temper, Early lost to her, she returns to bind Rhys to her again. The world of the mid-19th century immigrants, of a nationality transplanted to a new country, this is story- telling of a substantial kind.

Publisher: Coward-McCann