WOMEN AS 'WINNERS: Transactional Analysis for Personal Growth by Dorothy & Dru Scott Jongeward

WOMEN AS 'WINNERS: Transactional Analysis for Personal Growth

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Unlike Born to Win, which was a reasonably solid look at Transactional Analysis (I'm o.k. -- you're o.k.), there's something here that smacks of a Joan Walsh Anglund ashtray. Are the cutesy names the authors give to personality types who fail to transact properly--Mother Hubbard, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella--functional descriptions of people with problems? Or are they simply bent into the shape of the book? Are the interminable self-help lists (Parenting is caring: It is arms to hold you when you feel bad; it is a tender touch, a sympathetic smile) for people who can't read well enough to scan a fully formed paragraph? This is a sticky, simplistic effort that uses the jargon of T.A., the rough format of Born to Win, and the growing market for books about the condition of the modern woman to pump the self-improvement well dry, by one of the authors of Born to Win, who scored higher the first time.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1976
Publisher: Addison-Wesley