THE TALKING STONE by Dorothy--Ed. deWit


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A varied sampling of North American Indian folk tales, arranged by region and identified by tribe or people, many of them competently if not outstandingly retold by the compiler. They range from typical Coyote and Raven tales and a short simple one of Rabbit stealing fire. . . to the Hopi ""Foot Racers of Payupki"" from Courlander's People of the Short Blue Corn. . . to others, in both the romantic and the clever thickhead category, that recall familiar European stories. DeWit appends sources and annotations for the individual stories and gives a short, pedestrian introduction to each region. DeWit's contribution is more conscientious than inspired, but the book's handsome design and occasional decorations by Donald Crews strengthen the overall impression.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1980
Publisher: Greenwillow