I HAVE SEEN WAR by Dorothy-Ed. Sterling


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This is a collection of twenty-five stories about World War II, both fiction and non-fiction, by people who, for the most part, were on the scene when the action was taking place. There are accounts of bombing raids by housewives; the experiences of French POW's; a German extermination camp; the French underground; the Allied invasions; the shattering of the German Army; the effects of the Bomb in Nagasaki -- in general, impressions and reports of the War seen by people in almost every walk of life. Some of the contributors include: John Hersey, Cecil Brown, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Bill Mauldin, Norman Mailer, Ralph Ellison and Dorothy Canfield Fisher. The total effect is variously shocking and touching, above all, it's a grim reminder of the bloodiest war in history.

Publisher: Hill and Wang